We appreciate the contributions you have made as an active member in the Qentinel Forum. Now that Qentinel is Copado Robotic Testing, we want to invite you to be among the first to join our discussion group centered around making teams more successful by embedding testing at every stage.

Join at success.copado.com and check out the all new Copado Robotic Testing Discussion Group.

New platform for online trainings

We have just launched our new Learning Management System for Qentinel Pace online training courses. Existing Qentinel Pace training courses have been moved from the old system to the new one.

You can make user account here: https://qentinel.talentlms.com/index.

Among other improvements the new system addresses couple of requests raised by trainees earlier:

  • Ability to share certificates in social media (LinkedIn)
  • Mobile app to take trainings on the go (search for TalentLMS in Google/Apple store)

If you have any concerns or questions about this, please contact us.

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