Cloud recorder

Yes, Qentinel Pace has a recorder in cloud. The recorder is available in Live Testing feature; you can open a browser in cloud, interact with it and Qentinel Pace will record your actions. 

Read more about Live Testing / Recorder.

We suggest using cloud-based recorder instead of stand-alone recorder. While we still have stand-alone recorder available and maintain it, cloud-based recorder will be further improved in coming releases.

Stand-alone recorder

Qentinel Pace also has old stand-alone recorder for recording actions from Web applications. The recorder (QRec) is available as Chrome plugin. You can download QRec from here:



Basic usage instructions:

  1. After installation, QRec should be visible in top right corner of Chrome:

    Open it by clicking that little Qentinel icon.
  2. Write test case name and click “Record” button
  3. Note that QRec will be minimized here. Now just do actions on web page you want to record, click texts/elements etc. In case you want to add Verify keyword -> select / highlight text on the page click arrow-right button on keyboard. It should open this kind of dialogue:

    (if you want to verify element, just clear and type that keyword on the text field)
  4. After you have recorded everything, click QRec icon again. You should already see the script in QRec window. Click the “stop recording” icon:
  5. Lastly, click the green icon to download generated test script to your PC and modify it as needed.


Read more about Live Testing / Recorder