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Copado Robotic Testing Road map

Qentinel Pace is a SaaS product. We are continuously developing the product and making your test automation increasingly efficient by introducing new functionalities, improving user workflows etc. You, our lovely customer, get to benefit from these new functionalities as a part of our SaaS offering.

We work in a DevOps fashion and have our continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines pushing new releases on daily basis. Our iteration cycle is 3 weeks. Major Qentinel Pace production updates are pushed monthly, every month's last Thursday. There might be slight irregularities on the exact release day because of over-lapping holidays, in which case we will do a production update on the nearest working day.

External components like browsers, browser drivers or test frameworks can be updated on their own schedule. You can see the current versions and version history on Component versions page.

Here are the main features worked in Q2/2021. Please note that the we are quite firmly planned for the running quarter and strongly committed to the running sprint.If you want to raise the priority of some feature please log a feature request and get votes on it.

Future themes:

Please refer Qentinel Pace road map deck for future themes. And release notes for more information.

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